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Many people wonder why they need a real estate lawyer to buy or sell a house. They often think that it will cost a great deal of money to bring in an attorney. The reality, however, is that it usually costs no more to involve an attorney than it does to use a settlement or closing agent. The difference, however, between an attorney and a settlement/closing agent, is that the attorney is on your side. In addition, the attorney, unlike an agent, can give you a legal opinion on any issues which might arise.

If you are seeking to buy or sell a property. Sara can explain your rights and responsibilities throughout the transaction. In addition, she can pick up on errors in the voluminous legal documents you will be asked to sign and explain to you exactly what all those documents mean.

Sara handles both personal and commercial real estate work. Ask yourself, if you are about to buy a home, the largest purchase you will likely ever make, or buy or lease a building for your business, can you afford not to have first rate representation on your side?

Reach out to central Pennsylvania attorney, Sara Austin, for your personal or commercial real estate needs.