Employment Lawyer Serving York, Hanover, Adams, Lancaster, and Harrisburg

Following Pennsylvania employment law, including having the right policy and employment manuals, is important for all businesses.Employment law encompasses many different legal areas and skills. Sara represents both employers and employees in matters including:

  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Contract Preparation
  • Contract Review
  • Handbook and Policy Manual Preparation and Review
  • Union Employee Representation

Each of these areas of practice require substantial experience and understanding of how the business world works, how various laws impact businesses (large and small) and how employers are required to treat their employees.

Writing and Reviewing Pennsylvania Employment Documents

Sara knows employment law and can both write and review myriad legal documents involving employer/employee relationships. Whether you are starting a new job and need a contract reviewed, or are seeking to bring in a new employee and need a contract prepared, Sara can assist you.

Employment Law Audits for Businesses

In addition, Sara performs business audits to determine if the handbooks and policies an employer is using are appropriate under the law and for their specific business. If you do not already have written policies, Sara is available to help you prepare the correct documentation to protect both you, and your employees, under both federal and Pennsylvania law.

Both Pennsylvania employees and employers deserve to have their rights protected.Helping Both Employees and Employers in Pennsylvania

Whether you simply need some advice or are facing a lawsuit, contact Sara Austin today for help in the York, Pennsylvania area.