Civil Litigation Lawyer Serving York, Hanover, Adams, Lancaster, and Harrisburg

Many lawyers never step inside a courtroom. If you retain these lawyers and your case needs to go to trial, they will send you to a litigator. Sara Austin is a litigator. She has represented clients in numerous reported state and federal cases.

Sara works to settle cases to her clients’ benefit, but if the time comes when it is necessary to go to trial, she is ready, willing and able to fight in court on her clients’ behalf. Sara’s substantial experience includes both traditional litigation and hearings before administrative agencies such as the PHRC and EEOC.

If you already have a lawyer who needs you to retain an attorney to take your case to court, or you are looking for someone to start your case from the beginning, Sara Austin has the experience you need to see your case to its finish. Contact Sara today for civil litigation representation in York, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.