Alternate Dispute Resolution Lawyer Serving York, Hanover, Adams, Lancaster, and Harrisburg


ADR or alternate dispute resolution, is a way to bring cases to conclusion without going through trial. Many times, it is better to settle a dispute, if possible. Court can be a roll of the dice, so a fair settlement can help the client avoid the emotional impact and financial difficulties that a lawsuit can bring, whether in personal matters or the business world.

In some cases, arbitration or mediation is required by contract or law. Sara has substantial experience helping her clients through these forms of dispute resolution. She knows that when both parties are invested in resolving a case, alternate dispute resolution can be the right way to go.

As a litigator, Sara knows that, frequently, settling a case early can save her clients the time as well as the emotional toll, and monetary expense of litigation. Sara knows, from her years of experience, when it is best to go to trial and when it is best to seek an alternative. Reach out to Sara Austin today, to learn how she can help you with both ADR and litigation.